Have A Nice Day!

by Happy Ending

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"Have A Nice Day!" was recorded in the spring of 1983 in two day-long Sunday sessions. Jay and Hank both sang and played guitar, backed up by drummer John Columbus and alto saxophonist Richard "Doc Equis" Brown, with Radio Reptiles guitarist Jeff Fisher on bass. Wedding dark lyrics reflecting Reagan-era fears over nuclear war, environmental degradation and unemployment with what reviewer John Morthland called "charging hard rock or folk rock with dueling guitars, psychedelic overtones and nods toward Chuck Berry and Bob Dylan," "Have A Nice Day!" was released as a vinyl LP with an accompanying 7-inch 45 and lyric/collage booklet.

In Op magazine, editor John Foster termed it "a future cult item for the collectors...if there is a future." Alas, there wasn't much of a future for the original lineup. After two shows at the legendary New Haven club The Grotto, bassist Jeff Fisher moved out of state and songwriter Jay chose the contemplative life of the hermit.

Hank Hoffman remixed the multi-track master tapes for CD in the 1990's. The original band performed a reunion show at the Hungarian Hall in Wallingford, Connecticut on May 27, 2006, playing all the songs from this record.


released December 9, 1983

Hank Hoffman: Guitar, vocals, keyboard on "Forms and Structures"
Jay Mundy: Guitar, vocals
Jeff Fisher: Bass
John Columbus: Drums
Richard Brown: Alto saxophone
Ray Shaffer: Recording engineer



all rights reserved


Happy Ending New Haven, Connecticut

Happy Ending formed in 1983. Inspired by garage rock, psychedelia and folk rock, the songs on debut vinyl LP “Have A Nice Day!” sported lyrics dark with Reagan-era political dread. Thirty years later, the current lineup features original members Hank Hoffman and Richard Brown—now playing guitar and flute as well as sax—along with drummer Tom Smith and bassist Randy Stone. Pop meets psych freakout. ... more

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Track Name: Armageddon Dread
Technofascist nightmare, the arms race makes no sense
One last breath, then megadeath, it's nothing but insane

Loose talk by world leaders, scientists morally blind
Government and capital locked in death's embrace

Chorus: It's nuclear frustration, a case of armageddon dread
Mutual assured destruction down in bunkers lined with lead
It's gross miscalculation where the survivors envy the dead
I got nuclear frustration, yeah, armageddon dread

Missiles upon missiles, bombers rife with bombs
Foundations of careers of arrogant strategic fools

Loose talk by world leaders, scientists morally blind
The President's a liar and we're running out of time

I get so scared at midnight, it clouds my thoughts at dawn
A fireball that lashes out burning shadows into a wall

Government and business locked in death's embrace
My fate seems outside my control, it's almost 12 o'clock

Track Name: So Blind
Verse 1: Nylon smeared blue across a fake blue sky
We lived too fast, too hard, it's time to die
Ain't nothin' left in our shallow pockets
Well, our eyes are gonna melt in their sockets

Ain't gonna be no more ball playin' on neighborhood streets
Gonna be a lot of sufferin', Gonna be a lot of shrieks

Chorus: Why'd they have to do it, Lord?
Why were they so blind?
Why'd they have to put an end to all mankind?

Verse 2: Blood spillin' on a fiberglass street
Gonna be burnin' flesh in nuclear heat
Gonna be dead skin hangin' from bones
Childrens' laughin' gonna turn into moans

Ain't gonna be no more money, ain't gonna be no style
Ain't gonna be no more young women fat with child


Verse 3: Gonna be all kind of new tortures
Bakin' meat from hot hell scorches
Gonna scream and heave one last breath
All had to end in self-inflicted death

Junior won't be playin' in the yard no more, Grandma won't be in her chair
Ain't gonna be no more water, ain't gonna be no more air

Track Name: Forms and Structures
Verse 1: Forms and structures, institutions
Trapped in a web of impersonal pollution
Facing a society stagnant and unhealthy
Everybody's powerless except for the wealthy

Verse 2: Heirarchy, determinism and inaction
Talking to a neighbor is an interaction
Printouts on computer paper, error in the program
Flashes from the silo screaming out from Oklahoma

Bridge: Flashes from the silo screaming out from Oklahoma
Overwhelmed by my fantasies I shivered in my fright
Stark visions of a loneliness existing among friends
Total isolation where my terror never ends
I further faced a trial court that nodded at my guilt
My questions brought no answers because the concepts had been killed
I was led into a corridor where echoes were denied
Referred to institutions when institutions were defied

Verse 3: Procedures and processes, conduits and channels
I.D. cards you carry round to present to the panels
Meet you on the cancer ward where everybody's equal
When we watch the TV show, we know we'll miss the sequel
Track Name: Sleepwaltzing
Verse 1: Around and around, mind spinning on
Tossing about in my bed
Hear every sound, feel every noise,
Answer each voice in my head

Chorus 1: Tired, dead tired, sleepwaltzing again
Pacing the floor half insane
I can't drift away, close my eyes, fall asleep
Peace of mind lost the war to my brain

Verse 2: Going on five days, can't do my work
If this stretches on I will snap
The sixth day was hell, I'm only a shell
Nightmares are plaguing my nap

Chorus 2: Tired, dead tired, sleepwaltzing again
The faucet drips on the beat
My mind's in full cycle like a car on high idle
I'm praying just put me to sleep

Verse 3: The alarm always rings as I hit R.E.M.
Certain to keep me awake
Turn on the white noise, it's not clean enough
Caffeine rolls through my veins

Chorus 3: Tired, so tired, but I can't get to sleep
Give me some medicine fast
I'm scared of the dark and can't get to sleep
Don't know how long I can last
Track Name: World of Hate
Verse 1: (World of hate) Keeps bringin' me down
(World of hate) Screwin' me in the ground
(World of hate) Can't last much longer
(World of hate) We're all goners
(World of hate) Every day in the car
(World of hate) At the corner bar
(World of hate) Cruisin' down the road
(World of hate) It's all gonna explode

Chorus: Feels like we're caught in a trap
Can't do what pleases us
Hatin' for the sake of stability
Hatin' in the name of Jesus
Marchin' off to do some killin'
in the name of state
Think I'm gonna do myself in
Wanna leave this world of hate

Verse 2: (World of hate) At work and play
(World of hate) We're all gonna pay
(World of hate) It's gettin' too complex
(World of hate) When we're having sex
(World of hate) Every day at school
(World of hate) Yeah, it's all so cruel
(World of hate) In a jail cell
(World of hate) Turnin' life into hell


(World of hate) People ain't gettin' fed
(World of hate) They're gonna be dead
(World of hate) Endangerin' species
(World of hate) Suffocatin' in feces
(World of hate) At the grocery store
(World of hate) Startin' nuclear war
(World of hate) Shootin' off into space
(World of hate) No more human race
Track Name: High Noon 75
Verse 1: Praise your wins and ignore your losses,
Confess your sins and bear your crosses
Always stay a step ahead of your rivals
Stab them in the back as you quote the bible

Chorus 1: Well, it don't matter no how
There ain't no turnin' back now
Looks like we've reached our high noon
Looks like all mankind is doomed

Verse 2: Nowadays you're just the money you make
Expected to give but not to take
Never gonna get what you need
Your right to poverty is guaranteed

Chorus 2: But it don't matter no how
There ain't no turnin' back now
Rich and poor drown themselves in booze
Some tried to win, now all must lose

Verse 3: C'mon everybody now into the street
Punch with your fists and kick with your feet
Body hits cement and bacteria decays it
The end is at hand and we can't delay it

Chorus 3: Well it don't matter no how
There ain't no turnin' back now
Soon there won't be nothin' left to sell
What could've been heaven turned out to be hell
Track Name: Planned Community
Verse 1: It's the modern way to live out our days
In a planned community
Pay your bills on time and you'll be free of crime
In an atmosphere of tight security

Verse 2: They'll fill up your time with things to do
Like fun social activity
Structure your days for you from morning through
And at night you have a drink and watch TV

Chorus 1: Sitting alone facing choices about my life
Freedom and uncertainty cut me like a knife
Looking around I see the way that it will be
If I lose myself inside the planned community

Verse 3: Work from 9 to 5 or if you are retired
You play poker in the rec hall afternoon
Dinnertime at 6, company at 8
Who'll be leaving at 10 because it's late

Chorus 1

Verse 4: It's the price I pay to try and get away
From the planned community
Pill my tax each year and work to suppress the fire
Bubbling up in insecurity

Chorus 2: Sitting alone and it's getting lonelier each year
Autumn was my season but now i start to fear
Like the leaves turned crisp and gold and falling from the tree
I'll be raked into the basket of the planned community
I'll be placed inside the casket of the planned community
I'll be raked into the basket of the planned community
I'll be placed inside the casket of the planned community
Track Name: Since Then
Verse 1: Dissolve into darkness, burn into light
Bombers over London on a cruel hard night
People huddled in basements heard the sirens wail
Saw the sky turn red in the bombers' trail

Well, the screams were silenced by the roar of the planes
They were sent from hell to deliver sufferin' and pain

Chorus: Well, this ol' world ain't really changed much since then
Ain't really changed much since then

Verse 2: Soldiers in Vietnam clutch the weapons they would wield
As thousands lay rotting in a stinking, blood-soaked field
At a soldier's funeral, a corpse is blessed
Reach for the sky, accept far less

Headlines sayin' it ain't a real war fill a young boy's head
It's real enough when steel rips flesh
It's real enough when you're dead


Verse 3: Time passed quickly, months became years
Nothing got no better, we'll still live in fear
Nothing can stop the greed in human will
Our nations still pervert us, our leaders they still kill

The evil forces keep on takin' our young
Makin' widows out of our daughters
Makin' corpses out of our sons


Verse 4: A lot of suffering ended, can't go back now
March forward emotionlessly like the Jews at Dachau
Once you think it's over, it starts up again
Ain't gonna stop the agony, ain't gonna stop the pain

A power-crazed woman barks orders and rants and raves
A working class English boy dies young
In a cold south Atlantic grave

Track Name: Microwave
Verse 1: Saw a beer commercial today
For some brand whose name I forgot
With some actor paid straight union rates
To pretend he's what he's not

My TV set blurs truth and lies
Blaring about the money that I'll save
If I just sit hypnotized
And buy those products I didn't crave

Verse 2: "Her kitchen has an electric range,
A relic from the past,
'All the other women have microwaves,'
She's a new American outcast

"She could be cooking a quicker meal
Think of the time that she could save
Hubby's found his roast beef waiting
If she had a microwave"

Bridge: Efficiency, progress, efficiency, progress
Efficiency, progress, technology, destruction

Verse 3: Some guy's sayin' he's a scientist
And he worked on the company's tests
"They prove without a shred of doubt
Our product is the best"

I just can't shake my disbelief
At the crap that's on TV
Professional video thieves
Wield their power to deceive
Track Name: Unemployment Line
Verse 1: Standin' here waitin', gettin' close to five,
I ain't got a nickel or dime
It's been three months and things are gettin' tough
Waitin' on the unemployment line

Verse 2: I went down to the factory but they ain't got work
I went down to the store but they don't need a clerk
I went down to the bottle cause it really did hurt
Waitin' on the unemployment line

Bridge: He said look at the want ads twenty pages long
So i looked til I almost went blind
But i was still with the others growing twelve million strong
Waitin' on the unemployment line

Verse 3: I'm worried that my benefits are gonna run out
And the union can't help me cause it ain't got no clout
I'm gonna miss the mortgage and lose my house
Waitin' on the unemployment line
Track Name: Gonna Be Some Sufferin'
Verse 1: Gotta stop putting back less than we take
Well, the good Earth is gonna give out from centuries of rape
All the wealth on Earth ain't gonna buy no place to hide
Well, we're chokin' on our own waste, committing suicide

Chorus: Ooh, there's gonna be some sufferin'
Ooh, there's gonna be some sufferin'

Verse 2: Fish flesh flashes flourescent, contaminated with lead
Gills shinin' like silver, floating belly up dead
Tremblin' oil-soaked feathers saturated with fear
The helpless small instinctive brain don't know it's all downhill from here


Bridge: Lifeline's getting cut off by synthetic filth
All gonna live through hell, we're all gonna get killed


Verse 3: Lungs struggling in rib cages, blood starting to heat
Brought on by our refuse and the poisons that we eat
Animal extinction, the pain in a child's face
A world killed of by its own death-dealin' waste

Track Name: The Emptiness of Life Yeah Zen Remix
The emptiness of life, yeah (repeat)
Track Name: Never Time Enough
Verse 1: I was alone and death was all around me
Felt like dark angels founds me
I was scared and so unhappy
Overwhelmed and under pressure
You were there and I fell in love
I regained a future
It was time to go on living
Over anguish though under-funded

Chorus 1: I need you to stay beside me
And i want to stay beside you
Seems there's never time enough
For me to spend with you
I want you, I want you

Verse 2: All I'd seen was death and dying
I'd been crying
I was cynical and angry
I thought I'd be always lonely
You're so loving I feel unworthy
Or somehow undeserving
Let's go dancing or to a party
Or stay together in the darkness

Chorus 2: It's so good to have you beside me
And I want to stay beside you
Seems there's never time enough
For us to spend together
I want you, I want you

Coda: I wanna be with you
I wanna be with you
I wanna be with you
I wanna be with you
Oh, with you, oh, with you, oh, with you
Track Name: By the Rich, For the Rich
Verse 1: Workin' at the factory all day,
Breakin' your ass, gettin' nothing for pay
You're workin' too hard and so is your wife
Spend all your time down at the mill
The boss will work you til you get killed
Don't you think that you deserve a better life?

Chorus: But life is run by the rich, for the rich,
Ain't it a bitch
By the rich, for the rich,
Ain't it a bitch

Verse 2: Keep gettin' sent bills that you can't meet,
You can't even keep the shoes on your feet
Wonderin' how your family's gonna get fed
You get home at night and you drink your Bud
That you bought with your sweat and blood
Gonna stay this way until you're dead


Bridge: Big business is filthy and dirty
The bottom's gonna drop out like back in the 30's
Politicians will stand on the side
And count their money as we starve and die
Well, you know that this world ain't got long
The weak get devoured by the strong
Everybody's sittin' back singin' the same old song, they're singin'


Verse 3: Buy more products commercials urge ya,
The news is filled with corporate mergers
When is all this madness gonna stop? When's it gonna stop now?
We've been beaten down, there's no more rage
We're livin' like fuckin' animals in a cage
It's gonna stay this way until the bomb is dropped