Art for Art's Sake

from by Happy Ending



VERSE 1: Wars abroad and wars at home and TV’s full of lies
Men in hoods and men in masks up in the torture skies
Rights abused and rights denied, our phones are tapped by spies
I can’t believe what I’m seeing with my very eyes

CHORUS 1: But does it really matter anything I say
Because you just want art for art’s sake
In the USA, come what may, each and every goddamn day

VERSE 2: Radio waves are crashing, voices filled with hate
Thoughts of wars and bombs just make them salivate
Laptop bombardiers, they build their abbatoir,
Scheming like a villain in a bad film noir


BRIDGE (solo)

VERSE 3: Bang my head against the wall until I knock it down
What’s it take to shake and wake this sleepy town?
Swimming in a sea of lies, well we just might drown
Bang my head against the wall until I knock it down.



from Here Comes Mr. Sinister, released January 20, 2017
Hank Hoffman



all rights reserved


Happy Ending New Haven, Connecticut

Happy Ending formed in 1983. Inspired by garage rock, psychedelia and folk rock, the songs on debut vinyl LP “Have A Nice Day!” sported lyrics dark with Reagan-era political dread. Thirty years later, the current lineup features original members Hank Hoffman and Richard Brown—now playing guitar and flute as well as sax—along with drummer Tom Smith and bassist Randy Stone. Pop meets psych freakout. ... more

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