VERSE 1: I saw a beer commercial today
For a brand whose name I forgot
With an actor paid straight union rates
to pretend he's what he's not

My TV set blurs truth and lies blaring about the money that I'll save,
If I just sit hypnotized and buy those products I didn't crave

VERSE 2: Her kitchen has an electric range, a relic from the past,
All the other women have microwaves,
She's a new American outcast

She could be cooking a quicker meal,
Think of the time that she could save,
Hubby'd find his roast beef waiting if she had a microwave

BRIDGE: Efficiency, progress, efficiency, progress,
Efficiency, progress, technology, destruction

VERSE 3: Some guy's sayin' he's a scientist
And he worked on the company's tests,
They prove without a shred of doubt,
Their product is the best

I just can't shake my disbelief at the crap that's on TV
Professional psychological thieves use their power to deceive


from Here Comes Mr. Sinister, released January 20, 2017
Hank Hoffman



all rights reserved


Happy Ending New Haven, Connecticut

Happy Ending formed in 1983. Inspired by garage rock, psychedelia and folk rock, the songs on debut vinyl LP “Have A Nice Day!” sported lyrics dark with Reagan-era political dread. Thirty years later, the current lineup features original members Hank Hoffman and Richard Brown—now playing guitar and flute as well as sax—along with drummer Tom Smith and bassist Randy Stone. Pop meets psych freakout. ... more

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